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blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  NCS WorkWatch: Connect to the latest news from the world of work,
    updated twice a week.
Updated 7-26-01.

blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  NCS Inforum: Follow these regularly updated links to read current articles
    on job seeking, career management, workplace dynamics, employment
    trends and much more. Some of these external links will remain active for
    only a short time. Longer-lived links are temporarily archived before being
    moved permanently to the Career Reference Center.
Updated 7-19-01.

blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  Career Reference Center: Tap into this huge library of links to find the best
    career and job-search information on the Web.

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NCS Inforum Index

blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  JobSearch Mentor [Archive] - Search strategies, interviewing advice, resume
    tips, job profiles, career-planning articles, job-transition guidance, etc.

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 TechWork [Archive] - Articles on tech-related staffing, training and
    management issues, plus info on careers in IT, computers, e-commerce, 
    new media, etc.

blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  Collegian 
[Archive] - Career advice and information for college students and
    recent graduates.
(on hiatus until September)

blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  Workforce America 
[Archive] - Articles of interest primarily to employers and
    HR professionals: Compensation & benefit trends, employment stats,
    recruiting & retention advice, employment law, workforce management, etc.

blue triangle NEW.gif (54 bytes)  On the Job [Archive] - Workplace reports and advice on career management,
    work/life balance, personal & professional development, retirement planning,

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Career Reference Center Index

Career Planning

General Advice, Self-Assessment,
Career Exploration...

Finding the Job
Job-Search Preparation, Miscellaneous Tips,
First Job/New Grad, Job-Search Strategies,
Job-Search Maintenance,
Company Research, Top Companies...

Getting the Job
What Employers Want, References,
Job-Search Letters, Interviewing,
Pre-Employment Tests, Background Checks...

After the Job Offer
Evaluating the Offer, Accepting the Offer,
Declining the Offer, Negotiating the Offer,
Employment Agreements

Career Transitions
General Advice, Handling a Counteroffer,
Knowing When It's Time to Go
Resigning Gracefully, Military-to-Civilian

Coping with Job Loss
Before You Go, General Advice,
Mind Matters, Money Matters

Career Caveats!

Job-Search Jeopardy,
Career Management Mistakes

Career Counseling &

General Advice, Directories (coming soon)

Relocation Resources
Relocation Advice, Moving Advice, Housing,
Maps, Best Places to Live & Work, Schools
Community Research

Special Interest Groups
40+ Job Seekers, more coming soon...

Offline Career Resources
coming soon...

Working Overseas
coming soon...

Education & Continuous Learning
coming soon...

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