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III. How to Get There

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[Part I: Relocation Advice]
[Part II: Where to Go]

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Moving Advice

•  How to survive a relocation
One of the toughest things about orchestrating a move is finding a trustworthy mover. Also see a related article, choosing a mover.

•  How to get a good and accurate estimate
How to get a good, accurate moving estimate. You should also learn how
moving charges are determined

•  Homefair.com: The Moving Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate interstate or local moving costs in the U.S.

  How to decide whether to hire movers or move yourself

  10 things your mover won't tell you
Know the rules before they load that Chippendale onto the truck.

  Insuring your valuables
Moving companies are required to provide some level of insurance for your move, but you may need to buy more.

  Week-by-week moving plan

•  Moving with kids
How to make it easier for them.
Also see Preparing your children for the move.

  How to move your pets

  Packing tips
More advice on packing here and here.

  Advanced Space Estimator
Use this handy tool to figure out the truck size you need, then follow these loading tips.

  How to oversee a mover's work when loading
It can be a real luxury to let other people move your belongings -- or it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here's how to oversee the work that's being done so you can have peace of mind.

  Moving day
Follow these guidelines on the day of your move. Also, be sure to put together a
survival kit to prevent emergency trips to the store and frantic shuffling through boxes at your destination.

  What storage-unit size do I need?
Get an idea of how much space will be required to store your goods. Find out about the costs, legal and security issues involved when renting storage space, then check out these storage tips.

  Unpacking tips

  To do after moving
Use this checklist during the first week after your move.

•  Solving disputes with your mover
Be aware of these common complaints about movers.

•  Writing off moving expenses
When it comes to work-related moving expenses, the IRS can be pretty generous.

•  Realty Times: Moving Advice
Thirty informative articles.

•  Better Homes & Gardens: Moving Tips
Advice covering 15 moving-related topics.

•  Moving Household Goods Between Different States
Collection of 22 articles.

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Moving Resources & Tools

•  Monstermoving.com
Huge collection of links to relocation services and related informational pages.

•  Move.com
Gives consumers a one-stop solution for all of their housing needs before, during, and after a move.

•  Moving.com
Estimate the size of your move with the Self-Estimate Moving Calculator, then plan your move with the Moving Wizard. Also see their excellent Moving Guide.

•  iMove.com: Tutorials
These tutorials are full of tips, checklists and reminders that can help make your move a better experience.

•  Movemate.com
Another one-stop moving site.

•  Homefair.com: Relocation Wizard
Let the Relocation Wizard plan your move with a custom timeline.

•  American Moving and Storage Association
Whether your new home is across town or around the world, you'll find this site packed with useful information.

•  Moving Guide
Helpful information to make your move easier. Included are printable checklists that you can use to help track tasks and information.

•  MoverQuotes.com
Compare moving company prices with real-time quotes.

•  bankrate.com: Relocation tools and information
Articles and tools for those on the move. Includes tips on how to cut moving costs and checklists for simplifying the move.

•  US Postal Service: MoversNet
Relocation, moving and address changes made easy.

•  Storagelocator.com
More than 30,000 storage facilities to choose from.

Now you can get connected before you move. Compare, buy, and save on cell phones, long distance service, and prepaid calling cards. Similar services are offered by uBundle.com and GetConnected.com.

Research, compare and lower all of your recurring bills. Essential.com is a strong competitor.

•  MaketheMove.com
Transfer all of your services -- such as utilities, telephone, cable/satellite, newspapers and magazines -- to your new address anywhere within the continental United States.

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•  MapQuest.com
Online maps, driving directions and more.

•  MapBlast!

•  DeLorme CyberRouter

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CareerCatalyst > Career Ref. Center > Relocation Resources: III. How to Get There

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